My Favorite Apps

I’ve been using handheld devices in the classroom for over ten years now. Since my Psion and Palm days, I’ve always had an Office Suite on my devices. I did a lot of my graduate school writing on the Revo and 5mx.

These days, Quickoffice is my favorite. The mobile suit allows me to have my most important documents (lectures, lesson plans, drafts), spreadsheets (budgets, grading sheets, attendance records), and presentations with me practically all the time. It also allows me, via email, to receive, edit, and send documents on my phones.

I carry several Bibles on my phones. Olivetree’s newest Biblereader for Nokia’s S60 5th edition touch-phones is quite nice. I actually still use the excellent Bibles from Olivetree on my 7-year-old HP IPAQ 1910! You know this already, I take very good care of my gadgets.

I read a lot and Mobipocket Reader remains on top of my e-book reader list. Divx player is my top choice for watching videos. Google’s gmail, youtube, and maps are must-have downloads.

Finally, I consider Opera Mobile and Opera Mini as still the best among mobile browsers.


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