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Nokia’s QWERTY messaging devices

Most people know that I love qwerty devices. Right now, the Nokia E5 fits my requirements. I needed a replacement for my ageing E61i.  So, my favorite E63 has a more powerful companion.  If you check around, you will discover that this E-series holds the record for the most number of applications running at the same time (74!). It’s the multi-tasking king.

I also appreciate the facebook client and how it integrates with the phone’s contacts.  Another helpful feature involves six options for the Home screen theme. You can choose horizontal icon bar, active, basic, vertical icon, talking theme, and contacts bar. Really cool.

An S40 version of the S60 E5 would be the popular C3. I read somewhere that Nokia has sold so many of these messaging devices. If you’re into facebook, twitter, and instant messaging, this device might interest you. It’s been through two major firmware updates since it came out so Nokia is definitely taking care of its user base. Now, if you’re used to S60, the C3 would frustrate you a bit.


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