Read your Bible everyday

It’s very hard to read your Bible everyday when you don’t have a Bible with you. Since many of us have phones and many of us, even if we deny it, have our phones with us practically 24/7, then we should have our Bible on our phones.

Librivox.org is the best place to get the Bible in mp3 format. If you don’t want to read your Bibles everyday, you can listen to it. I’ve written about the excellent Bible offerings from olivetree.com and laridian.com. They even include commentaries, Study Bibles, and several translations. I especially like the Tagalog translation from 1905 offered free by olivetree. Recently, Allaboutsymbian.com did a feature on Bibles for Symbian^3 devices. Go check it out.

Yesterday, i discovered Claretian’s eGospel while browsing Nokia’s Ovi Store on my E6. It’s a daily gospel guide for 2011 and it’s based on Claretian’s Bible Diary, Daily Gospel, and Pandesal for 2011. I highly recommend it.

Now, go read your Bible =)



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