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Read your Bible everyday, Take Two

Reports say that over 60% of smartphones being used today use the Android operating system. And most of these are Samsung-branded devices. I’ve been often asked my recommendations regarding Bibles for these devices and, to my surprise, the top two applications I volunteer have been my favorites for over ten years.

Olivetree.com’s BibleReader and Laridian.com’s PocketBible are the best in my experience and their apps are available for multiple platforms. I’ve used their Bibles since my Palm Pilot days.

Olivetree’s Android version is more mature than Laridian’s. If you like options, get BibleReader. You can even get the free SBL Greek New Testament. If you like clean and simple, then it’s PocketBible for you. Much better is to have both apps.

Now, if you like reading your Bible while listening to a dramatic audio presentation of what you’re reading, then go to http://www.bible.is.


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