Alcatel One Touch Net: One Cool School Tool

one touch net Alcatel recently introduced an entry-level qwerty phone offering “one touch” access to yahoo! services. I’ve been handling one for several weeks now and I can say that it’s worth considering.

First off, it’s not comparable to a Nokia E-series phone.  I’ve seen it offered for Php 4,000 (under US$100) or less in some stores. Specs-wise, it compares favorably with the popular C3.

“One Touch” refers to a dedicated button that connects to Yahoo! services. The phone, though lacking Wi-Fi, offers a native browser and Opera Mini that take advantage of GPRS/EDGE connections.  If you’re into Yahoo! (meaning e-mail, messenger, oneSearch, etc.), then this is something that will interest you.

As a teacher four unique functions stand out for me. The FM radio allows recording. This allows one “archiving” possibilities when it comes to music, especially the oldies, news, and commentaries. When attached to a PC, you can use the phone’s camera as a webcam.  I plan to test it with Skype one of these days.  A simple e-b0ok reader is provided. (A must for me.) And it has an optical trackpad. I’d call this last one a class act.