Make mine the Galaxy Beam

galaxy-beamIt’s a niche device. It will not sell like the S3 or the Note 2 or even the Galaxy Pocket. But for my needs, and if your needs reflect mine, the Galaxy Beam will suffice.

First. I’m a teacher and I get to go lecture in places where laptops and projectors and, sometimes, electricity are not available. In these situations, the ever reliable chalkboards, Manila paper, chalk, and markers come to the rescue.

With the Galaxy Beam I can leave my laptop at home. I don’t need to request my hosts for an lcd projector or even the old reliables since the Beam works whether or not electric power is available. There’s even an extra battery in the box just in case the three-hour projection time on a full charge is not enough. The phone’s overhead projector function helps a lot as well, especially when pointing out key features from an original document or drawing diagrams. The Beam is quite useful when using flash cards in class.

Second. The Beam’s torch is excellent. Where I live it is very dark at night and the torch practically lights up my path like car headlights. The torch can also light up a room during brownouts. I have no doubt the torch will do great as an emergency beacon.

Third. Reunions are where Beams come in very useful. In the two family reunions I attended this past Christmas season I used the Beam to project a thanksgiving liturgy, to show family photos and videos, and play videoke. On two occasions I used the Beam to play with my brother’s grandson.

For relaxation, projecting movies on the ceiling with the beam is quite nice. Especially animated movies. I’m a Batman fan and watching DC Animated Movies like Year One and The Dark Knight Returns was a blast!

(pic from images.google.com)